Q. Will I need planning permission or building regulations?
A. Only if a new masonary chimney has to be built.

Q. How long does the flue airway have to be?
A. 4.5metres from the top of the stove 5.5metres from an open fire.

Q. Do I need an air vent in the same room as the stove?
A. Yes if the kW output of the stove is above 5 kW

Q. Do I need a carbon monoxide alarm?
A. Yes between 1 to 3 metres from stove.

Q. Can stoves be linked in to hot water systems?
A. Yes you can link stoves in to radiators and water tanks to supply the house with hot water.

Q. Can stoves be linked to solar panels?
A. Yes.

Q. Can stoves be linked in to under floor heating?
A. Yes.

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