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Avon Forest Chimneys offer a large range of chimney related services, including all chimney repairs and lining, through to stove /boiler installations and even Biomass.

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Digital CCTV Surveys

We can survey flues upto 60M in height. We will also supply you with a USB stick or memory card with the survey report. This service is recommended in older style homes, where old chimney flues are required to be re-used.

Rigid sectional pumice liners (isokern)

Pumice has much to recommend it. It has excellent thermal properties, is robust and long lasting and it also withstands chimney fires. It is particularly recommended for thatched properties. Because pumice is an effective insulator it helps to maintain a good internal flue temperature and ensures that the flue gases are expelled properly; cold spots or plugs of cold air can interfere with the updraught. Modern wood burners work very efficiently ensuring that up to 80% of the heat generated is available to the room. The remaining heat escapes through the flue. For the flue to work efficiently it is important that the flue gases remain hot so that they continue to rise and take with them all the harmful products of combustion. Contact us for more information.


Avon Forest Chimneys offer a wide range of installations.

Biomass Installations

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